Corporate Art

In 2010 I was selected for the “Made in Medway Product Project,” supported by the Arts Council and South East MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service). “Product” is a collaborative project for artists, designers and makers in Medway. The main activity enables 15 creatives to make products through the process of "idea-to-design-to-manufacture" through creative collaboration with manufacturers. The project is about applying your creativity skills to a product idea, which will then require creative development and collaboration processes with a manufacturer. The project is about making the idea real.

I have designed a limited edition glass chess set, Olympic Totems, in the tradition of Modernist sculptors' sets. On a formal level the pieces draw from the abstract elements of my own practise, despite the scale they have a monumentality and are architectonic in form. The chess set is inspired by the 2012 Olympics, the pieces, although being abstract, have a feeling of the figure. The board is etched with the Olympic site encapsulated by the Mandorla form of the River Lea.