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I was commissioned to produce a site-specific sculpture for the Crypt of Rochester Cathedral for the 2007 Fuse Festival supported by the Arts Council. Arc I was initially inspired by Durer's drawing of Nemesis and the Classical sculpture the Victory of Samothrace. The formalised wings were drawn from aircraft construction but the articulation echoes the vaulting of the Crypt. As the sculpture was made in cast iron resin and steel it slowly rusted in the atmosphere of the Crypt. The figure with its abstract elements uses the space and confers meaning upon it as the Crypt confers meaning upon the figure.

Courtesy of Spaghetti Weston.

The Fallen In The Crypt film was commissioned by Medway Arts Team to document the installation of Ian Campbell-Briggs' “Fallen Exhibition” in Rochester Cathedral Crypt as part of Medway's FUSE Festival 2007.