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The Archaize series incorporates sculptures that do not easily fall into other groupings, generally figurative, they are all inspired by Archaic or Classical Sculpture.

Bridge is my first bronze sculpture, cast by myself whilst at Art College. It is an early example of combining a modelled representation image with a constructed abstract form. The bronze was patinated with copper sulphate to achieve the blue verdigris.

Equestrian portrays the connection between horse and rider through abstract and representational languages also through the implied forward and upward movement.

Balius was one of the two Immortal Horses of Achilles, as mentioned in Homer's Iliad. The horse draws inspiration from the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and the equestrian sculpture of Verrocchio. Cast in marble resin it stands on a constructed square section steel lenticular form, derived from Hoplons (shields) of Hoplite warriors.

Archaize I is the disassembled form of Arc II, a stage of the casting process, therefore it is a temporary sculpture. The sections reminded me of excavated ancient sculptures.

The sculpture Balius & Xanthus draws inspiration from the Iliad by Homer. It shows four tablets, which I have incised with Phoenician script. Read from right to left with dots denoting separate words. The 1st written version of the Iliad was in Phoenician dating from 500BC, three hundred years after Homer. The incised passage is a transcription from English to Phoenician relating to: Homer, Iliad 16. 148ff (trans. Lattimore).

"For Akillieus, Automedon led the fast running horses under the yoke, Xanthos and Balios, who tore with the winds' speed, horses stormy Podarge once conceived of Zephyros and bore, as she grazed in the meadow beside the swirl of the Okeanos. In the traces beside these Akillieus brought back once he stormed Eetion's city. He, mortal as he was, ran beside the immortal horses."

Archaize I sculpture Equestrian sculptureBalius — Marble, Resin and SteelCallipyge — Stainless Steel
Balius & Xanthus sculpture Podagros — Stainless Steel and Argentine Lignum VitaeBalius — marble, resin and steelArchaize I sculpture
Bridge — bronze sculpture Equestrian sculptureBalius & Xanthus sculptureCallipyge — Stainless Steel
Balius & Xanthus sculptureCallipyge — Stainless Steel Balius in progressBridge — bronze sculpture
Equestrian sculptureBalius — marble, resin and steelPodagros — Stainless Steel and Argentine Lignum VitaeArchaize I sculpture
Podagros — Stainless Steel and Argentine Lignum VitaeBalius & Xanthus sculpture Balius — marble, resin and steel Bridge — bronze sculpture