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The Fallen series was the first to combine the figure with the abstract. The figure and sphere remains the same throughout the series yet the wings vary from carved organic forms to constructed planar, echoing the vaulting of Rochester Cathedral Crypt. The wings are abstract as is the modular architecture of the Crypt. The figure with its abstract elements uses the space and confers meaning upon it as the Crypt confers meaning upon the figure.

The inspiration for the life size figure comes from both “The Victory of Samothrace” with its forward movement and the drawing of “Nemesis” by Durer with his portrayal of the Fate standing on a sphere. The dynamic articulation of the figure, from both the Fallen and Vortex series, conveys a feeling that the figure is falling by means of an unknown outside influence and not through an internalised disposition for self-destruction.

The metaphorical inspiration for the series is loosely based on Milton's Paradise Lost and the idea of falling or fallen - the tentative balance of life's equilibrium and mankind's propensity to fall towards the abyss.

With the Vortex series the use of constructed planar forms is expanded upon and the images of the column and vortex are added. The use of colour is constant in the series.

Fallen III Sculpture Vortex II Sculpture Vortex I Sculpture
Fallen II Fallen I Sculpture Fallen III Sculpture
Fallen IV Sculpture Fallen II
Vortex III Vortex IV Sculpture
Fallen IV Sculpture Vortex III Sculpture
Fallen III Sculpture Vortex IV Sculpture

Fallen In The Crypt is a time-lapse video commissioned by Medway Arts Team to document the installation of Ian Campbell-Briggs' “Fallen Exhibition” in Rochester Cathedral Crypt as part of Medway's FUSE Festival 2007.