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The Labyrinth is an architectonic structure and correlates to the systematisation of knowledge and therefore that of thought. A labyrinth can also be seen as a journey, and so a place where transformation and cognition occurs. Therefore, there is a correlation between the Labyrinth / Mandorla / Liminal Space images.

The Labyrinth series is purely abstract and constructed. Labyrinth I was taken directly from the sphere form of Contrapposto but the scale is far greater. It will be shown at the Bristol Gallery in early 2010. Ovate I, uses the wing / mandorla form and is site-specific to the Ignition Gallery. It is a horizontal floor piece, which plays with reflection to form an encapsulated Liminal Space.

King-Post is a site-specific sculpture, part of the Labyrinth series. As the name suggests it is inspired by the roof trusses of the Covered Slips at Chatham Historic Dockyard. The sculpture is constructed from modular steel sections, welded to a 70-degree angle. These square sections are orientated in all directions therefore creating an architectonic space.

Labyrinth I Sculpture Völundarhús Iron & Steel Sculpture King–Post Ovate I Sculpture
Völundarhús — Welded Iron & Steel Artefacts Ovate I Sculpture King–Post Sculpture
King–Post Sculpture Labyrinth I Sculpture Labyrinth Maquette
King–Post Sculpture Labyrinth II Maquette King–Post Sculpture
Ovate I Sculpture King–Post Sculpture Labyrinth Maquette
Labyrinth I Sculpture Völundarhús Iron & Steel Sculpture King–Post Sculpture