Linocut, Monoprint & Drypoint Etching Print Gallery

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I took up printmaking in 2009 and I have been building up a body of prints. As a process it is not only fascinating, but also quite akin to sculpture. This is most noticeable with linocut and its similarity to carving. I particularly like using architectural images and the way the process brings out the abstract qualities. I especially enjoy drypoint etching where the process requires an exactness and confidence in the use of mark-making, probably because of its affinity to pen & ink. Through cross-hatching the tonal quality achievable is great, but once through the press the image attains an almost charcoal like softness. These prints are about strong light, therefore chiaroscuro is important. The subject matter usually revolves around architecture or the figure within landscape.

Flying Buttress V — Linocut & MonoprintAylesford Friary — MonoprintGrain I — MonoprintBeyond The Greenhouse — DrypointBateman's from the north-east — Drypoint
Chartwell — MonoprintFlying Buttress III — LinocutBeyond The Pergola — Drypoint Malta Inn II — MonoprintScotney Castle — Drypoint
Ayuntamiento de San Sebastían — DrypointMalta Inn I — MonoprintPlaza de Bilbao II — DrypointMagdalen College, Oxford — Drypoint
Aylesford Bridge — LinocutAlder–Eder — DrypointThe Tudor Rose, Upnor — Drypoint
Bar Mazunar, Plaza de Bilbao — DrypointGrain II — MonoprintBlenheim Palace — West Front — DrypointWakehurst Place — Drypoint
Flying Buttress I — LinocutPlaza de Gipuzkoa I — DrypointBateman's from the south-west — DrypointBotanical Gardens, Oxford — Linocut